Positive Performance offer two keystone training programmes: Positive Management and Positive Leadership.  These have been designed to distil the most important aspects of positive psychology and teach managers and leaders how to effectively bring them into their places of work.

Additionally, where an organisation has specific requirements  regarding time or participants, we can deliver customised programmes,  for example, 2-3 hour workshops as part of a team-building day,  lunchtime quick bites for busy executives, keynote presentations, or  as part of an executive package combining key positive organisational  psychology learnings and Executive Coaching.


Since the introduction of coaching as a business development tool in  the 1980s, research has demonstrated repeatedly its effectiveness and  it is now recognised as one of the most important leadership skills  within the workplace.  This means that, as managers, not only is it  beneficial to receive coaching for your own professional development,  it is crucial for you to evelop your own coaching skills to be able  to bring out the best in your teams.

Positive Management is a highly interactive, three-day training  programme, based on evidence-based theory, which teaches managers a  coaching approach through the GROWTH-E model, as a way of instilling  coaching as a management style, to build capacity and improve  performance within their teams.

An optional 4th day can be offered as part of the programme, where the  training participants reconvene 4-6 weeks after the training workshop,  with the purpose of evaluating their experience of putting their  learning into practice, and conducting themselves as coaching  managers.  This additional day provides a valuable opportunity for the  managers to address issues they faced, raise questions, discuss  challenges that arose, as well as share the successes they experienced.

For more information or to request a quote for your organisation,  please contact us at: celia@positiveperformance.co.bw.


Positive organisational psychology (POP) is a relatively unknown  scientific field, and yet the past decade has shown an impressive  global groundswell of POP interventions and approaches used in the  workplace, with extraordinary benefits for both the individual and  their organisation.

Studies over the past 30 years have demonstrated that there are  numerous positive results from increasing levels of happiness at  work.  These include: greater productivity; higher levels of  performance; better communication; higher levels of creativity;  increased employee loyalty; lowered staff turnover; reduction in  sickness days; better customer service levels; increased customer  loyalty; more positive relationships between employees; increased  instance of employees setting themselves goals and attaining these  goals; reduced stress levels; lowered instances of executive burnout;  and increased levels of health.

There are many ways that an organisation can change their culture so  that levels of happiness are increased.  Some of these activities are  done by employees themselves, and others are changes made at the  organisational level.  Some changes involve investments, such as  making a physical environment a more pleasant place to be, whilst  others cost nothing at all.

Positive Leadership is a four-day programme which condenses the key  learning from the last 30 years of research into a practical,  interactive and accessible workshop for emerging and established  leaders in the workplace.

Participants will learn about the science of flourishing, the proven  benefits for employees and organisations, core facets of POP, how to  measure them in their teams, and how to boost them through proven  interventions.

For more information or to request a quote for your organisation,  please contact us at: celia@positiveperformance.co.bw.