About us

Positive Performance is a consultancy working at the forefront of human resource development, with an expertise in positive organisational psychology.

Positive psychology is a cutting-edge field which focuses on enabling people to thrive, both personally and professionally.  All our processes and applications are evidence-based, grounded in 30 years of research from around the world.  Drawing on teachings from the best in the industry, we have created a suite of powerful toolkits for the workplace.

Positive psychology and coaching psychology focus on teaching people the skills they need to be able to implement these life-enhancing interventions independently, no matter their age or position.

At Positive Performance, we only work with the best.  Our positive psychologists have all attained a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, have senior level business experience, are skilled trainers, and have a minimum of five years in coaching practice.  When you work with Positive Performance, you can expect the best.

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Many employees are languishing at work due to feeling disengaged, depressed and demotivated, and the organisation’s performance and bottom line suffer as a result.

Positive psychology interventions such as executive coaching, relationship building, finding meaning in work, job crafting and Appreciative Inquiry, can restore your employees’ joy for their work; boosting productivity, reducing stress, and improving results in the process.


Only 20% of the population is thriving – living a life that is authentic, purposeful, meaningful, engaging, and connected.  But with the right guidance, anyone can flourish.  Using carefully selected positive psychology interventions, such as life coaching, goal striving, relationship building, identifying and building on signature strengths, and coping strategies, we can help you start to live the life of your dreams.

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